AW11 Militarium

This season Bryce Aime returns to his signature roots and once again creates a collection that truly epitomes his individual style, focusing on a strong, modern look with distinctive yet unusual, graphic prints. The underlying inspiration behind his Autumn Winter 2011 collection revolves around the stereotypical militaristic features of an army barracks. An array of structure, classic tailoring and androgynous silhouettes not only enhances but also enables the authoritative, edgy theme to remain pivotal throughout.

Strong, sharp, harsh tailored jackets are paradoxically teamed up with soft edged, classically cut dresses and skirts. This season, the range of contrasting fabric panels: wool, jersey, silk and other metallic textures bring depth and a heavier edged feel to the garments. Whilst the colour palette of black with flashes of silver, blue and grey is simplistic in nature it is the visually challenging, astrological graphic prints that give this collection its unique and diverse twist.

Furthermore, this season marks the collaboration between Bryce Aime and acclaimed bag designer Bracher Emden. The merging of these two talents creates an exclusive, capsule collection of bags that are the perfect compliment for this Autumn Winter 2011 collection.


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