From an early age Bryce always found his passions lay in the arts, enjoying drawing and painting and ‘anything else related to creativity’. Like many of the design greats, despite finding typical education difficult, he excelled in the arts. On moving to London to study at world-renowned Central Saint Martins College of Art, he found a new passion when discovering fashion and the world of the art school. Motivated by the conception of ideas and the never-ending cycle of this extravagant atmosphere, his talent became apparent immediately.


Whilst studying, Bryce revered and was inspired by Thierry Mugler, admiring not only his vision, but ‘his woman and his world’. This mantra is something Bryce has followed throughout his career so far, creating garments with an attention to detail and cut, winning him a loyal following amongst lovers of classic womenswear. Even as a student putting together his first sample, a patchwork of old men’s shirts, he designed the opening to curve around the female figure.


Since graduating, Bryce has gone from strength to strength, using his love for modern architecture and its technically challenging design as the inspiration to guide his vision. Admiring labels such as YSL and Balenciaga, and considering French and British Vogue to be his personal bibles, Bryce belongs to a set of designers that consider even the smallest details of their aesthetic. This, along with the priceless advice of family and friends has taken the brand to a new level of growth, culminating in the opening of the premiere Bryce Aime store in London, in November 2009.


3 responses to “Biography

  1. J’aime bien ton travail.

  2. Bonjour!!! Found your blog!!

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