Spring/Summer ’11


Bryce Aime takes us on a journey through Far East Asia with his colourful new collection for Spring/Summer 11. Inspiration for the collection is drawn from traditional Japanese theatrical Kabuki costume and the vibrant aesthetic of Beijing Opera. An array of colours forms an enticing new take on Bryce’s signature prints and structural designs. Modern materials are manipulated to create garments that hark back to the ancient Orient whilst staying fashion forward and current. Bryce Aime departs from the harsh tailoring of past seasons creating a delicate wearable collection interwoven with beautiful colours and prints.

Garments are adorned in a variety of jewel shades ranging from violent scarlet tones and pinks through to more subdued greens and yellows. Subtle swatches of black, white and neutral tones keep the overall feel fresh and young. Fabrics this season include jersey, Lycra and chiffon keeping pieces light for Spring/Summer and continuing the softer themes for this season. Once again Bryce’s unique prints which have featured throughout previous collections return and is seen for the first time in the new sensational summer palette. This season marks the emergence of footwear and hats in Bryce Aime’s work lending on the time-honoured traditions of East Asian theatre and the dramatic shapes and silhouettes they create which have remained avant-garde and directional even after centuries. Jewellery is courtesy of a collaboration with acclaimed designer Peter Lang including elegant long silver and lacquer black earrings.

Bryce Aime was born in France and came to London in 1998 cultivating his talent at Central St Martin’s where he graduated with BA Honours in 2005. The eponymous Bryce Aime label was launched the following year presenting a highly successful debut collection for Spring/Summer 2007 and in the season that followed generating a sizeable celebrity and press following including the instantly recognizable showpiece dress featured in Rihanna’s video ‘Hard’.


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